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The ingredients of Wormodab Tablet work very efficiently on all types of worms. The result of this tablet is found to be miraculous especially in infants and worms of intestines.


Himaj 100 mg
Ajmod 20 mg
Galo 20 mg
Kakach Bij 20 mg
Kalijiri 20 mg
Dikamari 20 mg
Katuki 20 mg
Sindhav 20 mg
Sanchal 20 mg
Indrajav 20 mg
Vidang 20 mg
Kachuro 20 mg
Kakadasingi 20 mg
Nimb Bij 20 mg
Kalimirch 20 mg
Ativish 20 mg
Excipients Q.S.

Medical Description

Himaj :- It helps in regularizing the uterine function by sufficient blood flow in the uterus thereby checking the foul discharge.
Ajmod :- It is digestive as well as vayunashak.
Galo :- This herb is of astringent quality and controls the purulent leucorrhoea discharge.
Kakach Bij :- It is one of the best carminative medicines.
Kalijiri :- Kalijiri is carminative as well as digestive.
Dikamari :- It is a good carminative herb and helps in removing debris of dead worms through defection.
Katuki :- This herb is appetizer, digestive and carminative too.
Sindhav & Sanchal :- These two are appetizer and purgative.
Indrajav & Vidang :- These two are carminative, vayunashak and help to remove intestinal colics. They work very well in hook worms.
Kachuro & Kakadasingi :- They are very effective in releasing gas and flatulence along with speedy removal of worms. Specially they work very well in infants.
Nimb Bij :- It is carminative as well as the main medicine for tape worms.
Kalimirch :- Due to its ‘tikshna’ quality it helps to eradicate worms as well as unwanted cough from the body.
Ativish :- It is one of the best medicines for intestinal colics in infants. It is vayunashak.


  • In worms of any origin
  • In gas and flatulence
  • In gastritis
  • In intestinal colics

Dosage :-

Adults:- One to Two tablets thrice a day.
Children:- One tablet twice a day.

Packing :-
30, 60 & 500 Tablets