It gives us a great pleasure to introduce ourselves as a pioneer in the manufacturing of Ayurvedic medicines since last 35 years in the state of Gujarat, under the flagship company M/s. Dhanvantari Guj. Herb

Class of Medicines Manufactured : 50 Patent medicines and 250 Classical Ayurvedic preparations.

Sections : (a) Bhasma (b) Churna (c) Vati-Gutika (d)Capsules (e) Tablets (f) Granules (g) Guggulu (h) Ras-Rasayan (i)Syrup (j) Oil (k) Kwath-Kasay (l) Avaleh-Pak (m) Ghrit.

Manufacturing and Processing Equipments : Our factory is equipped with all required machineries i.e. Decentricator, Ballmill, Grinder, Pulveriser, and machines for Tablet Punching, Tablet coating, Capsule filling, Blister packing, large extraction plant, boiler, decoction plant, liquid bottle filling and cap sealing machine, stirrer, jacketed vessels, distillation plant, oil processing unit etc. We also have granulator with Hot air generator, auto clave etc.

Having all the infrastructure and facilities to produce any Ayurvedic product to meet your requirements, we extend to you an invitation to visit our plant and give us an opportunity to know you better.

To ensure strict quality control, the extractions of most of the ingredients are produced in-house. All the raw materials and extractions are put through laboratory tests to ensure that the final product is of supreme quality.

We generally procure required raw materials in bulk during the season of its yield from where they grow in the most suitable climate and ensure that the raw materials retain all natural properties by proper storage.

Even during the manufacturing process, we follow original Ayurvedic text procedure so as to retain all the valuable natural properties of each ingredient to obtain maximum efficacy in finished products. Our technical and laboratory staff is well trained and experienced to maintain strict hygiene and cleanliness to put the best products in the market.

We wish to inform you that as per government norms, we have received GMP certificate from Food & Drug Control Administration, Gujarat state, Gandhinagar.