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Weryplus Syrup is quite rich in nutritive value as its contents are all helpful in malnutrition. It is also pediatric and geriatric tonic.


Ashwagandha 200 mg
Satavari 150 mg
Gokshur 150 mg
Arjun Chhal 150 mg
Trifla 120 mg
Vidarikand 100 mg
Kaucha 100 mg
Astvarga 100 mg
Yastimadhu 100 mg
Rasna 100 mg
Shuddha Shilajit 10 mg
Brahmi 100 mg
Vasa 100 mg
Trikatu 60 mg
Akkalkaro 50 mg
Jaiphal 50 mg
Majith 50 mg
Safed Musali 50 mg
Draksha 50 mg
Pipalimool 50 mg
Vacha 50 mg
Flavoured syrup base Q.S.

Medical Description

  • Ashwagandha & Satavari : These two are health promoter and help to build up body resistance and Stamina.
  • Gokshur & Arjun Chhal : These herbal medicines are diuretic as well as improves heart functioning.
  • Trifla : It’s purgative and also improves digestion.
  • Vidarikand : It’s full of energy and vigour. It increases body strength.
  • Kaucha & Astvarg : These two are best for promoting good health and makes the muscle strong and energetic. It builds up the body and increases hunger and appetite.
  • Yasthimadhu : It’s coughnashak and helps to removes chest congestion.
  • Rasna : Vatnashak, helpful in joint pain, backache and body ache. It also works as digestive tonic.
  • Shuddha Shilajit : It works as a general health promoter. It builds up the body. It is rasayan as well as tonic.
  • Brahmi & Trikatu : It’s brain tonic and digestive too.
  • Vasa : It’s kaphagna and helps to remove congestion by increasing immunity of the lungs.
  • Akkalkaro & Jaiphal : They help to build up body stamina and tone up the body muscles.
  • Majith : It’s blood purifier and makes blood circulation clear
  • Safed Musali & Draksha : These two herbal medicines are helpful in making the body muscles strong and increase vigour in the body.
  • Pipalimool & Vacha : These two herbs are used in digestion and in dyspepsia as an appetizer.


  • Debility
  • Malnufrition
  • Anemia
  • After prolonged illness

Dosages :

  • Adult : 1 TSF thrice a day after meal.
  • Children : 1/2 TSF thrice a day after meal.

Packing : 200 ml & 450 ml