Sugar control in your hand.

Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder in which there is inability to oxidize carbohydcemia, glycosuria, polyuria, thirst, hunger, emaciation, weakness, acidosis, sometime leading to dyspnea, lipemia, ketonuria and finally coma.


Gudmar Ext. 15 % Neem Patti Ext. 6 %
Mahamejva Ext. 6 % Chandraprabha 3 %
Katuki Ext. 6 % Arogyavardhini 3 %
Chirayata Ext. 6 % Haridra Ext. 3 %
Karela Ext. 6 % Devdar Ext. 3 %
Indrajav Ext. 3 % Daruhaldi Ext. 2 %
Amala Ext. 6 % Nagarmoth Ext. 2 %
Gokshur Ext. 3 % Shuddha Shilajit 3 %
Haritaki Ext. 6 % Galo Ext. 3 %
Jambu bij Ext. 6 % Excipients Q.S.
Methi Ext. 3 %

Medical Description

Gudmar Ext. :- It improves activity of B islets of pancreas.
Mahamejva Ext.:- Being a bitter tonic, it reduces blood sugar mildly.
Katuki Ext. :- This herbal medicine is appetizer, digestive and carminative too.
Chirayata Ext.:- Antipyretic, useful in Acidity and Lymphainopathy, corrects metabolism, normalizes blood sugar.
Karela Ext.:- Stimulates secretion from pancreas and lowers peripheral blood Sugar.
Indrajav Ext. :- Useful as warmicide, useful in Amoebic Bacillary, dysentery & Colic pain.
Amala Ext. :- It contains lot of vitamin C, increases resistant power, improves the immunological barrier. Given along with HALDI in diabetes, it lowers blood & urine sugar.
Gokshur Ext. :- This herb is diuretic and improves heart functioning.
Haritaki Ext. :- It improves metabolism. Effective in Asthma, Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease, kidney diseases.
Jambu Bij Ext. :- Contains glucoside ‘jambulina’ which has the power of checking the pathological conversion of starch into sugar.
Methi Ext. :- Proven hypoglycemic effect and lipid lowering properties, it regulates glucose metabolism & stimulates liver activities.
Neem Patti Ext. :- Being a bitter tonic, it has wound healing and Anti Inflammatory properties. It Helps to stimulate pancreas secretion. It is prophylactic in micro-angina pathy.
Chandraprabha :- It tones up whole genitor-urinary-system.
Arogyavardhini :- Corrects metabolism, restores liver functions & general health.
Haridra Ext. :- Blood purifier, Anti inflammatory, Antiseptic to taxiing effects. It lowers down blood & urine sugar if given along with Amala in diabetes.
Devdar Ext. :- This herb plays good role in simple as well as infectious type of diarrhoea.
Daruhaldi Ext. :- It works as Antimicrobial and Anti-bacterial, reduces muscle cramps and thirst.
Nagarmoth Ext. :- Corrects metabolism, overcomes excessive thirst.
Shuddha Shilajit :- It helps in oedema. It has tonic effects. It is all time useful in Diabetes mellitus.
Galo Ext. :- It has avoidable effects on Glucose tolerance; Glucose up takes Detoxification and hepatic Stimulation.

Dosage :- 1 Pouch before / after breakfast. || 1 Pouch before / after dinner.
Packing :- Box Packing of 60 pouch


  • Insulin mimics effect for optimum peripheral utilization of Glucose.
  • It reduces the total insulin requirement by delaying Glucose absorption from intestine.
  • It activates pancreas to secrete insulin without the risk of hypoglycemia better management of diabetes mellitus.
  • It helps regeneration & repair of islets of langerhans.
  • It is effective in both obese and not obese, and also reduces the cholesterol.
  • Use of Glyoherb offers no risk of nephrotoxicity and hepatotaxicity in short or long term usage.


  • It regulates glucose & lipid metabolism as an adjuvant in management of Diabetes mellitus.
  • Overcomes fatigue, urination & excessive thirst and tones up body.
  • It tones the functions of eyes & kidneys.
  • Synergistic or adjuvant to oral anti-hypergolic caemic & insulin therapy.
  • It is anti-oxidant Cardio protective neurotonic.
  • It acts as immunomefulator and anti microbial.