Skin is the protector of our body.

Capsule : All the ingredients of Daboskin capsule work mainly on rakta and pitta. i.e. on blood and bile. It helps blood to circulate in the body without any acidic reactions. It also controls urea and normalizes the body pigmentation.

Oil : The contents of Daboskin oil are rich in curing all types of stubborn skin diseases. Its local use is safe and nontoxic.


Gandhak Rasayan 100 mg
Khadir Ext. 100 mg
Mahamanjisthadi Ext. 100 mg
Bakuchi Churna 75 mg
Chopchini Churna 50 mg
Praval Bhasma 50 mg
Laghu Sutsekhar Ras 25 mg
Marichyadi Taila 20 %
Ark Taila 20 %
Ark Taila 20 %
Nimb Taila 15 %
Bakuchi Taila 10 %
Gandhak Taila 15 %


Medical Description

Gandhak Rasayan :- It has the properties of penetrating deep in the tissues and spread in all the tissues very quickly
Khadir Ext.:- It is blood purifier and hence helps in curing skin diseases.
Mahamanjisthadi Ext. :- It is the best blood purifier.
Bakuchi :- It helps in blood purifications and reduces leucodermal patches from the skin. It is one of the best products for dermatic diseases.
Chopchini :- It reduces the urea in the blood level and thereby controls itching, twisting pain and burning sensation in skin and body.
Praval Bhasma :- It is rich in calcium, thereby avoids blood clotting and thickening of the blood in the vessels and makes blood circulation easier. It induces appetite and improves calcium metabolism.
Laghu Sutsekhar Ras :- It is Anti Allergic and Antacid.


Useful in Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Leprosy, Dry and Wet Eczema, Bacterial and Fungal Infection, Elopocease, Scabies, Ringworm

Dosage : Two capsules thrice a day.
Packing : 30, 60 & 500 Capsules


Medical Description

Marichyadi Taila & Ark Taila :- These two are very effective in dry and wet Eczema and penetrate deep inside the skin.
Karanj Taila & Nimb Taila :-These tailas work very well in scabies, purities, and external piles as well as in all types of contagious skin disorder. It is mainly used in Elopoceae.
Bakuchi Taila & Gandhak Taila :- Bakuchi is known for its quality to cure all types of dermatic diseases. Gandhak taila works effectively in Ringworm, Eczema, Pruritis and Scabies.

Application :- To be applied upon the affected area of the skin two to three times a day.
Packing :- 50, 100 & 450 ml
Warning :-  For external use only. Not to be applied on wound and burn


  • In Dermatitis
  • In Dry and Wet Eczema
  • In Ringworm
  • In Scabies
  • In Psoriasis
  • In Bacterial and fungal infection
  • In Leprosy
  • In Elopoceae