'Liver' is a piller of our health & our Metabolism. Make it strong to remain strong.

Daboliv is an excellent liver tonic which tones up the liver’s echo texture and improves appetite and indigestion.


Sarpankha Ext. 75 mg Bhringraj 200 mg
Daruhaldi Ext. 75 mg Punarnava 200 mg
Patol Ext. 75 gm Sarpankha 200 mg
Mandur Bhasma 75 mg Kariyatu 200 mg
Punarnava Ext. 50 mg Bhoiamali 100 mg
Katuki Ext. 50 mg Katuki 100 mg
Bhringraj Ext. 50 mg Chitrakmool 100 mg
Vidang Ext. 25 mg Kalimirch 100 mg
Bhoiamali Ext. 25 mg Giloi 100 mg
Indrajav 100 mg
Nishoth 100 mg
Dhania 100 mg
Gulabphool Flavoured syrup 50 mg
base Q.S.

Medical Description

Sarpankha, Kariyatu & Bhoiamali Ext. :- These three herbs are best in cirrhosis of liver. They remove toxins by regularizing liver function.
Daruhaldi Ext. & Patol Ext. :- These two herbs are pitta-nashak and blood purifier. They help in smooth recovery in jaundice and hepatitis. They improve liver and Gall bladder function.
Mandur Bhasma :- It is one of the best liver medicines as it increases hemoglobin and avoids jaundice by controlling the breakdown of the red blood cells.
Punarnava Ext. :- It helps in flushing urinary tract and diminishes edema from all over the body. It promotes good functioning of liver and gall bladder.
Katuki Ext.: Bhringraj Ext. and Vidang Ext. :- All these three herbs work efficiently in toning up liver function and control biliary disorder.
Chitrakmool :- It is “Agnideepak” and stimulates enzymes actively. This helps in digestion.
Kalimirch, Giloi :- These two herbs are digestive and remove acidic reaction in the body by controlling pitta & stimulate the function of liver.
Indrajav, Nishoth :- These two herbs are carminative, digestive and work as smooth laxative.
Dhania, Gulabphool :- These two herbs are appetizer, digestive and add flavors.


  • In Cirrhosis of liver
  • In Chronic Hepatic disorder
  • In Anemia
  • In Dyspepsia
  • In Malnutrition Syndrome
Dosage :-

Capsules : 2 Capsules twice a day after meal with water.
Syrup : 2 ml to 5 ml twice a day with water

Packing :-

Capsules : 30, 60 & 500 Capsules
Syrup : 200 ml & 450 ml