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D-Zyme is a great reliever in gas, flatulence and in severe gastric upset. It makes digestion easy by creating good appetite and normal evacuation of the body.


Sunthi 75 mg
Pipalimool 60 mg
Chitrak mool 60 mg
Pippali 50 mg
Kalimirch 50 m
Jirak 50 m
Ajmod 50 m
Sindhav 75 mg
 Shuddha Tankan 60 mg
Sanchal 60 mg
Hing 50 mg
Kajjali 50 m
Excipients Q.S.

Medical Description

Sunthi :- It is Vatnashak and gas-remover. It helps to remove mucus from the intestine.
Pipalimool & Pippali :- Active in creating proper enzyme and digesting food well.
Chitrak Mool :- It is “Agnideepak” and stimulates enzymes actively. It helps in digestion.
Kalimirch :- It is ‘Tikshna’ in quality and helps in digestion of food.
Ajmod & Jirak :- These two herbs are very useful in digestion.
Sindhav :- It is ‘Vatanuloman’ i.e. it eradicates gas through proper evacuation and makes abdomen free from gas etc.
Shuddha Tankan :- It is Vat and cough-shamak and also digestive, increases appetite and digestion.
Sanchal :- It helps to make smooth passage of stool and remove gastric upset.
Hing :- It helps in digestion and removes gastric upset.
Kajjali :- This herbal medicine acts as an Anti Gastric.

Dosage : Two tablets twice a day with warm water after meal.

Packing : 30, 60 & 500 Tablets


  • In Indigestion
  • After abdominal surgery
  • In Dyspepsia
  • In Flatulence
  • In Anorexia
  • In Hiatus Hernia