Fighting cancer is our goal.

Carsocare improves mental and physical health & promotes sense of well-being and enthusiasm in problems of cancer. Carsocare is useful in promotion of power (healing) due to its bacterial & antiseptic properties in various wounds.


Punarnava Ext. 30 mg.
Sahanjana Ext. 30 mg.
Varuna Ext. 60 mg.
Mulethi Ext. 30 mg.
Giloy Ext. 30 mg.
Vasa Ext. 30 mg.
Tamra Bhasma 30 mg.
Shuddha Bhallatak 30 mg.
Ras Sindoor 30 mg.
Abhrak Bhasma 0.20 mg.
Suvarna Bhasma 0.20 mg.
Panna Bhasma 0.20 mg.
Hirak Bhasma 0.20 mg.

Indications :-

  • In Tumors
  • In various types of malignancy
  • In chronic non-healing wounds
  • In Ulcers

Dosage :- 2 Capsules Twice a day with water.
Packing :- 30 Capsules and 500 Capsules.

Medical Description

Punarnava Ext. :- It helps in flushing urinary tract and diminishes edema from all over the body. It promotes good functioning of liver and gall bladder. It is anti-bleary, antipyretic, cardiotonic & expectorant.
Sahanjana Ext.:- Useful in blood pressure, sugar control.
Varuna Ext. :- Useful in urinary problems, also as heart tonic & in blood pressure.
Mulethi Ext. :- It is helpful to avoid dysfunctional uterine bleeding and also tone up the uterine muscles.
Giloy Ext. :- Alterative, diuretic, avoidable effects on glucose tolerance, valuable tonic in diabetes & useful in fever & dyspepsia.
Vasa Ext.:- This dilutes cough and helps in expectoration of cough. It is widely used in productive cough and in chest congestion also.Tamra
Bhasma :- Useful as an anticough, cardiac tonic, in fever, for urinary problems & for asthma.
Shuddha Bhallatak :- It is also known as <agni> in Ayurved. It produces heat and sensation in the limb which makes the circulation of other medicines easier and quicker.
Ras Sindoor :- This herbal medicine works as blood purifier and improves complexion of the body. It helps to promote good quality of semen sperm. It is used in all kinds of diseases.
Abhrak Bhasma :- It is used extensively and stands successful in many diseases. It is health promoter and works very well in reproductive system. It is used in pain, bronchitis, T.B., Diabetes, anemia, loss of memory and other so many diseases.
Suvarna Bhasma :- It is said to be useful in Respiratory disorders, especially tuberculosis. Also used in various Heart diseases. It increases the natural immunity in the body against diseases.
Panna Bhasma :- It is useful in Acidity, vomiting, bronchitis and loss of appetite, edema, anemia and fever. It enhances taste and strength.
Hirak Bhasma :- It increases the life span, induces well-being, enhances strength, beauty and can eradicate diseases and untimely death.