Sleep well, live fully awake.

To refresh the system of our body, it is necessary to sleep well. Shantam tablet gives us a natural peace of mind and hence we can perform well tomorrow.


Each film coated tablet contains :

Brahmi Ext. 100 mg Vacha Ext. 40 mg
Shankhpushpi Ext. 100 mg Tagar Ext. 150 mg
Ashwagandha Ext. 60 mg Smrutisagar Ras 10 mg
Malkanganibij Ext. 50 mg Colour (Tartrazine supra) Q.S.
Jatamansi Ext. 40 mg Excipients Q.S.

Medical Description

Brahmi Ext. & Shankhpuspi Ext. :- These two herbs combined help to build up confidence, retention of memory etc.
Ashwagandha Ext. :- This herb is a health promoter and helps to build up body resistance and stamina.
Malkangani Bij Ext. :- This helps to sharpen the memory and is also of great use in convulsion etc.
Jatamansi Ext. & Vacha Ext. :- These two are good for total absorption, retention of memory etc. They sharpen the brain to motivate the activities properly.
Tagar Ext. :- Being cold in nature, it gives peace of mind and useful in insomnia.
Smrutisagar Ras :- It is a classical preparation to tone up transquillizer properties and gives peace of mind.

Dosage :2 tablets twice a day with milk/water

Packing : 3×10 Tablets Strip Pack, 60 Tablets and 500 Tablets


  • In Insomnia
  • In improving mental fusion
  • In removing Hypertension
  • In vomiting