A tablet leading to Healthy life of a woman.

Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder in which there is inability to oxidize carbohydcemia, glycosuria, polyuria, thirst, hunger, emaciation, weakness, acidosis, sometime leading to dyspnea, lipemia, ketonuria and finally coma.


Swet Chandan 20 mg Suddha Hirakasis 10 mg
Shalmali 10 mg Ashokchhal Ext 400 mg
Lavang 10 mg Dashmool Ext 100 mg
Kankol 10 mg Ashvagandha Ext 40 mg
Swet Jirak 10 mg Jambubeej Ext 40 mg
Nagkesar 20 mg Satavari Ext 40 mg
Jatamansi 10 mg Bhringraj Ext 20 mg
Sunthi 10 mg Amala Ext 20 mg
Bang Bhasma 5 mg Lodhra Ext 20 mg
Kasis Bhasma 5 mg Bibhitak Ext 20 mg
Mandur Bhasma 5 mg Harde Ext 20 mg
Mukta Bhasma 1 mg Chandan Ext 20 mg
Shuddha Gairik 5 mg Jiru Ext 20 mg
Abhrak Bhasma 2 mg Kamalphool Ext 20 mg
Ashokchhal 450 mg Nagarmoth Ext 20 mg
Lodhra 50 mg Sunthi Ext 20 mg
Harde 20 mg Kherchhal Ext 10 mg
Ardusi 10 mg Bilva Ext 10 mg
Satavari 10 mg Mochras 10 mg
Devdar 10 mg Devdar Ext 10 mg
Amala 10 mg Burgad Ext 10 mg
Nyagrodha (Vat) 10 mg Anantmool Ext 10 mg
Jasvand 10 mg Jasud ExtExt 10 mg
Tamalkhana 10 mg Amra Ext 10 mg
Colour (carmosine) q.s. Bala Ext 10 mg
Excipients q.s. Jatamansi Ext 10 mg
Kababchini Ext 10 mg
Lavang Ext 10 mg
Nagkesar Ext 10 mg
Nisoth Ext 10 mg
Pippali Ext 10 mg
Dalchini Ext 10 mg
Vacha Ext 5 mg
Vidang Ext 5 mg
Kariyatu Ext 5 mg
Galo Ext 5 mg
Rasna Ext 5 mg
Daruhaldi Ext 5 mg
Flavour Syrup base q.s.

Medical Description

Swet Chandan :- This is a ‘shitvirya aushadhi’ (cold in nature) & helps min normal menstrual blood flow and eradicates the extra heat of body.
Shalmali :- It helps in implantation, reduces excess flow of blood and burning sensation of body.
Lavang, Pippali and Bibhitak :- It is helpful in vomiting for pregnant ladies and it also regularizes the cycle.
Kankol :- It is useful as a side medicine to cure other problems like weakness, loss of appetite, gastric problems.
Swet Jirak :- To minimize inflammation in womb it is a very useful
herb. It is also useful in gastric pain & works as a good purifier of womb.
Nagkesar, Nagarmoth & Lodhra :- Both are of astringent quality and
hence they control excessive menstrual flow, avoid leucorrhoea outflow and foul discharge too.
Jatamansi :- Useful in Raktapitta, Ratava, Raktasrav and pain in abdo men.
Sunthi :- Useful in pain, yonishool, fever, white discharge and loss of appetite.
Bang-Abhrak-Kasis-Mandur Bhasma :- These four bhasmas are for
building up stamina and recovery from blood flow. They increase the level of Hemoglobin in the body.
Mukta Bhasma and Shuddha Gairika : They are useful in deficiency of calcium and help to reduce the pain in joints of the body.
Ashokchhal :- Being a blood purifier, it avoids painful and irregular menstrual discharge.
Harde & Amala :- These two herbs are useful as digestive and appe￾tizer, avoiding constipation and keep the bowel free from gases.
Ardusi and Satavari :- They help to control all the doshas and tone up the uterine muscles and stimulate ovaries.
Devdar :- It helps in tridosha to regularize the menstrual system.
Nyagrodha (Vat) and Ashwagandha :- Useful in implantation and urinary problems, and works as blood purifier also.
Jasavand & Tamalkhana :- Useful to control excess blood flow and implantation. They regulate menstrual flow and stimulate ovaries.
Dashmool : Useful to supply energy to the uterus against abnormal bleeding.
Jambubeej and Bilvagarbh : Useful to stop excess bleeding during menstruation and pregnancy.
Bhringraj and Kariyatu : Useful in anaemia, loss of appetite, menorrhagia and liver disorder. Kamalphool, Mochras and Anantmool : Being cold in nature, they are useful in burning sensation of body and work as blood purifier.
Kherchhal, Vidang and Bala : Useful as blood purifier, energy booster.
Ambagotali, Daruhaldi : Useful in Menorrhagia, impurity of blood and deficiency of haemoglobin.
Kababchini, Galo and Rasna : Useful in urinery infection, vomiting, gastric trouble and loss of appetite.
Dalchini, Vacha and Nishoth : Useful in abdominal pain, loss of energy and helpful in painless delivery.


  • In Menorrhagia
  • In Dysmenorrhoea
  • In Polymenorrhoea
  • In Metritis
  • In leucorrhoel foul discharge
  • In amoebic colitis
  • In Ovarian Cyst
Dosage :-

Tablets : Two tablets thrice a day with water
Syrup : Two tablespoon thrice a day

Packing :-

Tablets : 3 x 30 Tablet Strip Pack & 500 Tablets
Syrup : 200 ml and 450 ml