Silence is relief.

Goji is a natural cough syrup that contains honey to relieve from cough symptoms. It works on dry cough and safe to use for children above 2 years.


Gojihva 150 mg
Yastimadhu 150 mg
Sounf 150 mg
Draksha 150 mg
Anjir 150 mg
Unnab 150 mg
Vasa 150 mg
Jupha 150 mg
Gunda 150 mg
Tulsi 150 mg
Hansraj 150 mg
Gul-e-banafasa 150 mg
Alasi 150 mg
Khatmi 150 mg
Kantkari 150 mg
Kalimirch 75 mg
Honey 2 g
Colour Ponceau 4R q.s.
Flavoured syrup base q.s.

Medical Description

Gojihva :- Useful in cough, gastric problems, fever, urinary related problems.
Yastimadhu :- It is cough-nashak & helps in expectoration. It is a soothing medicine in sore throat.
Sounf :- It helps in cough, gas, fever & acts as an appetizer.
Draksha :- It increases appetite & stimulates the digestive system and curbs dyspepsia.
Anjir :- It helps to reduce bronchial asthma, and also works as a blood purifier and for energy.
Unnab :- Specially useful in cough, dry cough and also helpful in Diarrhoea.
Vasa :- It dilutes cough and helps in expectoration of cough. It is widely used in productive cough as well as in chest congestion.
Jupha :- Being kaphashamak, it dissolves cough. It is also useful in asthmatic cough, fever and digestion too.
Gunda :- It is cold in nature, useful to remove cough, worms, urinary infection and in fever.
Tulsi :- It is a best cough-nashak medicine and helps in exudation, prevents drying of the cough and avoids chest congestion. It also works very well in productive cough & helps in dilation of the bronchi.
Hansraj :- Useful specially in cough of children.
Gul-e-banafasa :- Useful in all types of cough, fever and hyperacidity.
Alasi :- It helps to remove cough from chest and also helps to reduce inflammation of lungs.
Khatmi :- Useful in cough and in Diarrhoea
Kantkari :- This herb liquefies the cough and avoids drying it.
Kalimirch :- It is ‘Trikshna’ in quality and helps in digestion of food.


  • In Productive cough
  • In Dry Cough
  • In Bronchitis
  • In Asthma
  • In Pneumonia
  • In Whooping cough

Dosage : 1-2 tablespoon thrice a day or as directed by the physician.

Packing : 100 ml, 200 ml & 450 ml