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Codril syrup helps to dilute cough and avoids congestion in lung. It also helps to keep away various types of viral and bacterial infection from the upper respiratory tract.

Medical Description

Vasa 200 mg
Kantkari 100 mg
Yastimadhu 75 mg
Bibhitak 75 mg
Tulsi 50 mg
Haridra 50 mg
Sunthi 50 mg
Pipali 50 mg
Dalchini 50 mg
Elaichi 50 mg
Draksha 50 mg
Flavoured Syrup Base Q.S.


Vasa Ext :- It dilutes cough and helps in expectoration of cough. It is widely used in productive cough and chest congestion also.
Kantkari :- This herb liquefies the cough and avoids drying it.
Yastimadhu :- It is cough-nashak and helps in expectoration. It is a soothing medicine in sore throat.
Bibhitak : It helps in expectoration and to build up immunity in body.
Tulsi & Haridra :- They are the best coughnashak medicines as they help in exudation, prevent drying of the cough and avoid chest congestion. They also work very well in productive cough and help in dilation of the bronchi.
Sunthi & Pipali :- They help in removing the cough smoothly from the upper respiratory tract.
Dalchini & Elaichi :- These two herbs eradicate cough from the throat i.e. from the channel of the body. They melt cough due to its “Ushna Virya” character, that is hot consistency.
Draksha :- It increases appetite and stimulates the digestive system and curbs dyspepsia.


Useful in Productive Cough, Dry Cough, Bronchitis, Asthma, Pneumonia and Whooping Cough

Dosages :- Adult :- 2 Teaspoon thrice a day.  ||  Child : – 1 Teaspoon thrice a day.
Packing :- 100, 200 & 450 ml