It’s time to rock out

AREE tablet is a wonderful formulation to break the stone by diluting its hardness.


Each film coated tablet contains :-

Swet Parpati 80 mg
Yavkshar 80 mg
Mulikshar 80 mg
Chandraprabha 60 mg
Hajarat Yahud Bhasma 60 mg
Pashanvajra Ras 40 mg
Trivikram Ras 20 mg

Processed in

Pasanbhed q.s.
Satavari q.s.
Gokshur q.s.
Varunchhal q.s.
Kusa q.s.
Punarnava q.s.
Galo q.s.
Apamarg q.s.
Jatamansi q.s.
Colour (Tartrazine supra) q.s.
Excipients q.s.

Medical Description

Swet parpati :- It is a classical preparation, useful in calculus, Dysuria and Urinary obstruction.
Yavkshar & Mulikshar :- It increases the flow of urine and throws out the resistance in urinary tract.
Chandraprabha :- It is also a classical preparation, helps in Dysuria,Urinary disorder, Urinary obstruction and also in fall of white discharge.
Hajarat Yahud Bhasma :- It is specially useful in Calculus.
Pashanvajra Ras & Trivikram Ras :- Both are classical preparation and give good result to remove stone in bladders and urinery tract infection.

It is processed in Bhavna materials to give more power for its efficacy.

Pasanbhed :- This herb is very useful in calculus, kidney stone & Urinary tract infection
Satavari & Gokshur : Both are diuretic & work well in urinary disorder.
Varunchhal & Kusa : Useful in kidney stone, urinary obstruction & urinary calculus.

Punarnava & Giloy : Both are also diuretic & useful in Dysuria.
Apamarg : Useful in Kidney Stone.
Jatamansi : Cold in nature & useful in retention of urine.


  • In Calculus
  • In Dysuria
  • In Urinary Obstruction
  • In Urinary tract infection


1 Tablet Twice a day with water.


3×30 tab in strip pack & 500 tablets